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CG Logistics

Swift for you…

CG Logistics

CG Logistics is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions.

We enable companies and individuals to find the ideal solution suited to their needs.

At CG Logistics, we place a high value on quality, technology investments. Our fleet of high-value machinery includes motorcycles, trucks, and refrigerated minivans, amongst other essential machinery. We have an extensive international network of partners and agents; therefore, we are at the forefront of logistics services globally.



Procedures, values, and attitudes are crucial to our reputation. At CG Logistics we focus on possibilities, not limitations.
By being able to think alternatively and creatively, we attain our goals. We are dynamic and adaptable.


CG Logistics offers a wide range of services to suit your needs, there’s a tailored service for everyone.

  • Dispatch
  • Domestic Delivery
  • Commercial Delivery
  • Premium gift delivery
  • Hand carry service for valuables
  • Overnight express
  • Ware Housing
  • Same hour express
  • Sunday / Holiday Delivery
  • Logistics Management services
  • General Logistics Services and contracts
  • Relocation of Home and Office Properties
CG Logistics


To be recognized globally as the leading provider of logistics services from Africa.
To become the reference point for customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to create a space within the sphere of logistics where customers feel safe and satisfied. We believe that as straight-forward supply chain solutions can be, they can be easily complicated. CG Logistics eliminates complications.


As a global brand with roots in Africa, our core values are respect, innovation, diversity, accountability, commitment to Customers and teamwork.

CG Logistics

Our Team

In order to succeed in this highly complex market, we have a team of first-class experts who provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. We believe in the spirit of teamwork, therefore, our philosophy is “freedom with responsibility”. We are confident that each employee would act responsibly and make decisions that will be of benefit to you.